Congratulations to the three Payroll Congress attendees who thwarted our clandestine efforts and found the hidden Payroll Congress “C” icons during this year’s Congress Today Online magazine contest.

From Wednesday, May 17, through today, we snuck in a few Payroll Congress “C” icons for our eagle-eyed readers to find hidden within the article pages here of Congress Today Online.

The following are our lucky payroll lovers who each received a $25 Amazon gift card for their keen review:

1. Mary Wittmann, CPP, found the first "C" icon in Tuesday's article "Pegine Celebrates PAYO Rebrand With a Catchy Little Ditty"


2. Rebecca Johnston found the second "C" icon in Wednesday's article "Alexander, Phillips Honored With 2023 Special Recognition Award"


3. Jessica Hernandez found the third and final "C" icon in Thursday's article "Congress Attendees Shine in Costume Contest



Thank you to everyone who played!

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