DebraSasso (3)As National Trade Show Manager for Ultimate Software, Debra Sasso has partnered with the American Payroll Association (APA) for more than 30 years. During that time, she also became an advocate for the APA, which is why she is the recipient of this year’s Special Friend Award presented Thursday, June 4, during Congress Xstream.

Sasso has only missed one Annual Congress, a place where she gives attendees the first glimpse into new products Ultimate has to offer.

“I have been blessed to be able to be involved all those years along with my great team,” she said in accepting the award. “Through those years, I have been able to make great friends at APA, friends I hope to keep even though I am now retired. Thank you so much for this great honor.”

She enjoys working with the APA’s members because they are on the front lines of payroll operations and help her company tailor solutions that meet their needs.

During her tenure, Ultimate Software has sponsored many APA events, including the Annual Congress, Virtual Congress, National Payroll Week®, the Payroll Leaders Conference, and this year’s unique virtual event, Congress Xstream.

Her colleague Leslie Berke, Ultimate's Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Executive Events, wrote in the chat: "Ultimate Software is SOOOO proud of Debbie Sasso! She is our very special friend!"

APA Immediate Past President Jodi L Parsons, CPP, also offered her praise:

"Thank you for your support, Debra. Congratulations!"