Influencing PositiveResult_72-1Singing and dancing her way through two presentations, Pegine brought her unique teaching style to Congress Xstream on Thursday, May 20, instructing participants on better methods of recruiting and leadership.

The renowned motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author led off this year’s Leadership Excellence Series with “Building a Beautiful Organizational Mosaic by Recruiting Colorful, Delightful, Brilliant People to Your Organization.”

“You want people who are delightful to be around, diverse, and colorful, and bring so much to your organization,” she said in delivering her vision for recruiting, retaining, and engaging employees.

She spoke of mosaic tile artists whose works become beautiful because each tile is unique.

“They are not expecting each tile to be like the next tile,” she said. “They want tiles with different colors, so the picture is rich, engaging, and beautiful.”

She said managers and organizations create organizational mosaics that are glued together by a shared mission and culture.

Wendy Hrica, CPP, Senior Accountant for Internet Testing Systems, remarked in the chat: "I can say our company is truly a melting pot of diversity. It's awesome."

Mosaic organizations, Pegine said, are:

•    Innovative
•    Connected
Search Game Heart2  Inspired

“I want you to totally walk away from this whole presentation feeling good about yourself knowing that you choose to be an organizational mosaic leader,” she said.

Pegine also presented an earlier workshop Thursday as part of this year’s Leadership Excellence Series, titled “Influencing, Impacting, and Inspiring Your Employees for Positive Results.”

“You know you want to influence, impact, and inspire your employees for positive results,” she said. “The way you do that is by knowing yourself.”

Kellie Penn, CPP, expanded on the point in the chat, writing, "Positivity breeds positivity, and the same with negativity."

Pegine said that as people build leadership skills, opportunities present themselves.

“How are you challenging yourself so that you’re prepared for bigger, bolder, and more positive opportunities?” she asked. “When you’re called to lead, it means it is in your DNA.”

These opportunities will help leaders grow, travel, and receive from life’s bounty.

“It is how it works in this world,” she said. “If you stay small and box yourself in and choose not to see a bigger, bolder way of being, you’ll miss out on your magnificence, your opportunities, on the gloriousness of you.”

Pegine's leadership thoughts are in her new book, "Called to Lead," which inspired several Congress Xstream attendees to form a book club in the chat and to start with her book.

"Great presentation!" Andrea Awa, FPC, wrote as the presentation ended. "Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and positive energy! Looking forward to getting your book."